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Recall Services

To help keep your Kia operating at optimum performance levels, schedule a service appointment if your vehicle has one or more service campaigns or recalls outstanding as listed below. Your preferred Kia dealer will complete the repairs, free of charge. The time required to complete the work can vary depending on your dealer's work schedule, so scheduling a service appointment can help minimize any inconvenience.

If you have any questions about these recalls or service campaigns, please contact your preferred Kia dealer, the Owner’s Section of Kia.com web site, or contact Kia Consumer Assistance Center at ###-###-####(KIA), Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 6 PM PST.

Recall Target Check

Please use the vin # search below to determine if there is any outstanding recalls on your vehicle.


  • Production period {{resultRecall.prdtStartDate | parseDate |date:"yyyy-MM-dd"}} ~ {{resultRecall.prdtEndDate | parseDate |date:"yyyy-MM-dd"}}
  • Corrective period {{resultRecall.crtvStartDate | parseDate |date:"yyyy-MM-dd"}} ~ {{resultRecall.crtvEndDate | parseDate |date:"yyyy-MM-dd"}}
  • Defect information {{resultRecall.defectText}}
  • Corrective method {{resultRecall.crtvText}}